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Other Services

Feeding & Aeration, Spraying, Root Pruning, and Hedges

Feeding & Aeration

Compacting of soil and overall poor soil health can have a negative impact on trees. Feeding and aeration is a process by which the ground is loosened up(with a drill) and special fertilizer is injected to help the tree absorb more nutrients from the soil.


Ravenna Arborists does not spray harsh herbicides or insecticides. We use only non- toxic safer brand products, to control the proliferation of aphids and caterpillars.

Root Pruning

Root pruning is the selected digging up and removal of portions of the tree’s roots when a structure is to be built near a tree. It is important to prune roots correctly

Hedge Pruning

In addition to trees, Ravenna Arborists can also prune any hedge no matter how big or small.

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